A Holiday Gift Exchange

A Holiday Gift Exchange

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Greetings to all,

As we enter this season of Holiday, let us be ever mindful of our commitment of obedience to humanity. The commitment is not in the material aspect of life but the realization of our responsibility to one another through love and sacrifice. Each of us have a gift we can share with humanity and we should not delay in opening that gift and let the celebration begin.

When we open our gift with those around us, we are the better because we have shared our gift. Everyone will not have the same gift or gifts in quantity but we all have a gift of exceptional quality. By all means, do not leave your gift wrapped; someone needs exactly what you have to offer even in the simplest way that can be imagined. Cast your bread upon the water and to you, after many days, it shall return. The exchange is reason to celebrate because we have made a new commitment.

Let us begin to open the gifts of consideration, kindness, unity and respect for others as we expect the same. Let us share those gifts freely as they have been shared with us as one body through our Savior, Jesus Christ, the ultimate gift of love and sacrifice. When we share these gifts and others we show our connection with Christ by serving all humanity. We are designed to be together, from beginning to end with eternity in Jesus Christ being the goal of our obligation to obedience and service to humanity.

Take time today and everyday to be thankful for our many gifts by sharing in the gifts that are not of material value but spiritual substance. The gift exchange will keep you in a path of peace that is unimaginable. Explore the gifts of others and you will be continually encouraged to exercise your gifts in greater ways. Jesus Christ has come that we could have life more abundantly. He is our greatest gift, share Him.

Have a glorious Holiday and let the celebration begin.

In the bond of the Scarlet Cord
D. Jones Pointer, Grand Lecturer
Grand High Court Heroines of Jericho, PHA-TX