Christmas Greetings to all Heroines and Knights of the Texas Jurisdiction

Christmas Greetings to all Heroines and Knights of the Texas Jurisdiction

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Christmas is coming everywhere! It is our wish that each of you will have a Blessed Christmas Season.

We have had one of the most disturbing years in all of our lives. It is normal to lose a friend or loved one due to old age or accidents but never so many due to a pandemic such as COVID-19. We have lost thousands of people in the United States and around the world in the last 10 months but have now been blessed with the development of several vaccines that have been determined a turn-around in the continued loss of lives. We encourage each of you to Take the Vaccine For You and Your Family (Personal, Church or PHA) !!

The Heroines and all of our PHA family have had a very hard year also. We truly miss the fellowship with each other; the ‘family reunions’ or meetings monthly along with the annual conferences where we look forward to  seeing our friends each year. Many of us have found ways to stay in contact but it has been new and different whether by conference calls; zoom; google talk and more. Even some have still been able to do the things we do  such as gifting needy families with food baskets, clothes, toys, charity and filled the needs of our sisters and brothers. You have kept the Heroines upfront regardless of how hard it has been lately. The Grand High Court appreciates YOU!

Looking forward to the future we have ahead, it is the wish of both of us that you and your family are blessed. We will, join you as we all “Rejoice in the LORD, We will joy in the God of my salvation”. (Habakkuk 3:18).

Bound by the Scarlet Cord,

Jackie Levingston,  GMAM

Vince Williams,  GMWJ