Grand High Court Heroines of Jericho

Elected Officers

The Grand Court has done an outstanding job of standing on the Landmarks, providing for those in need, and having a little fun along the way. The successes of the past years have been done ‘to the Glory of God’ and not to self and has hopefully brought Texas Prince Hall members closer as a Family.


Fannie Bellard

Grand Most Ancient Matron


Vincenzo A. Williams

Grand Most Worthy Joshua

Deputy Grand Most Ancient Matron
Zannavia WilpitzGrand Senior MatronHouston
Monica MerchantGrand Junior MatronHouston
Charlotta DeamusGrand SecretaryDallas
Lucille SamuelGrand RecorderEl Paso
Bernice ThomasGrand TreasurerDallas
Edwina EvansOuter Gate KeeperKilleen
Kharyn FloydGrand QueenTennessee Colony
Elvria DialDeputy Grand QueenSulphur Springs