Grand Palace 2018 Individual Registration

Registration Information

  • Advance Registration (On or before May 31, 2018). Choose either:
    • $35.00 and includes one (1) SANDWICH LUNCHEON on Thursday, June 14th
    • $45.00 and includes one (1) HOT PLATED LUNCHEON on Thursday, June 14th
  • No Online Late Registration (After May 31, 2018)

Online Registration Instructions:

  1. Enter Registration Information
  2. Choose any Other Ticket Options (if needed)
  3. Enter Captcha Text Code at the bottom of the page and the press Enter
  4. Verify registration information on next screen and at the bottom click CONFIRMED
  5. On the next screen click PAY NOW to be taken to PAYPAL
  6. Complete payment through PAYPAL and print confirmation page
  7. Thank you for registering

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